January 15, 2010

«EPSCom AG contributes to digitalSTROM(R) its expertise in multimedia home networking technologies»

January 15, 2010 – Zurich, Switzerland

EPSCom AG participated in digitalSTROM(R) Developer Day and demonstrated UPnP-based Metering Graph Tool.

UPnP Metering Graph Tool is a graphical application which allows a user to monitor the power consumption of his home electrical infrastructure directly on his TV-set, Digital Media Player or other DLNA-enabled media renderer device. The application is based on dSS Metering functionality by digitalSTROM(R) and implemented using open source and modern technologies related to the digital home. The whole system comprises a dSS server, a UPnP server (MediaTomb) and a Digital Media Player or simply a TV-set with DLNA support. The application allows a user to select the required time interval and see the power consumption data in a graphical form.

In 2007 the non-profit organization digitalSTROM(R) was brought into being for the purpose of developing digitalSTROM(R) to become international standard for controlling rooms, to be installed in buildings and to manage energy.

digitalSTROM(R) makes life easier. digitalSTROM-ready electrical devices communicate within your home via existing power lines. So electrical devices simply need to be equipped with the AIZO high voltage chip - either directly implemented from the manufacturer or linked with an adapter. With little effort, rooms and even entire homes can be made "intelligent". Devices, such as lamps can be switched with any switch and lighting scenes can be programmed through clicks. A simple color scheme indicates the energy level consumption making economic use of energy and avoiding bad surprises in your electricity bill.

For further information about digitalSTROM(R) visit www.digitalstrom.org and www.aizo.com