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EPSCom provides a complete spectrum of embedded software professional services ranging from requirements inception and system design down to implementation, testing and post-deployment support. We can help you to:

  • develop from scratch a new embedded device, entire framework as well as individual components or add features to an existing one;
  • customize an existing solution or prepare a product for a certification;
  • migrate a software stack to another hardware platform or operating system;
  • optimize, clean-up or re-factor your embedded software to meet aggressive performance and power goals.

We offer

  • technical risk assessments and feasibility studies (e.g. whether a platform is capable of bearing a given application)
  • requirements analysis, specification and software architecture design
  • implementation at any level from device drivers to application layer components
  • integration and complete verification service
  • development of board support packages (BSP) and prototyping
  • creation of embedded test benches and automatic regression suites (scripting in Tcl, Python & Perl)
  • strong object-oriented and real-time design skills (C, C++, Java and C#)
  • development and porting to different operating systems (RTOS), including embedded Linux
  • technical representation at the end customer and post-deployment support.

We bring with us years of experience in embedded systems engineering