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Application areas

  • Telecommunication access systems
In telecommunications, our core competences concentrate around digital subscribe line (DSL) technology where we have developed a rich palette of different network management components, communication protocol stacks, performance monitoring agents and specialized device drives for state-of-the-art network processors.
  • Consumer Electronics
In consumer electronics domain, our expertise is in digital home audio applications consisting of intelligent devices seamlessly interacting with each other over wired or wireless home network and providing an enhanced experience to the user. Here we have developed a great variety of components including digital rights management (DRM), streaming, parsing and playlists management for different media formats, audio codecs, embedded HTTP servers and clients, embedded GUIs and others. Our in-depth knowledge of the Universal-Plug-and-Play (UPnP) technology, which is found today almost in every modern consumer electronics device, and a deep insight into content distribution services such as vTuner, Napster, Rhapsody, and Sirius are behind many successful DLNA and MS Windows certifications and product launches.

Our core competences are:

  • Multimedia systems and networks
  • Home networking and entertainment devices, embedded media streaming clients
  • Internet telephony and video conferencing
  • Wireless products

Embedded software components

  • Networking protocols
  • Network management agents
  • Presentation layers (such as UPnP)
  • Multimedia components (audio and video streaming)
  • File systems for embedded devices
  • User interfaces (e.g. LCD-based GUIs) and localization modules
  • Embedded debug monitors
  • Other application-level software