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EPSCom AG specializes in design, development and implementation of embedded systems. The main application areas include telecommunication broadband access systems, wireless multimedia terminals, home networking and entertainment equipment. The company provides a complete spectrum of professional development services, ranging from requirements analysis and system design, down to implementation, optimization and testing of embedded solutions.

Starting from its foundation in February 2001 and up to now, EPSCom has a very long track of successfully completed projects. Main customers of EPSCom are companies designing and producing complex system-on-chip devices containing integrated microprocessors and digital signal processors. Embedded software development for such devices involves many challenges and risks. Through its solid expertise and dedication to high quality, EPSCom helps its customers to overcome those challenges, reduce product development risks, and successfully meet project goals. A close cooperation with the customers as well as a high transparency to them are two distinguishing characteristics of EPSCom which contribute a lot to company's success.

EPSCom highly values reliability, superior quality and customer satisfaction. Receiving Standard Supplier Grade from Infineon Technologies AG and excellent results of recent ISO 9001 certification conducted by Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems are the best demonstration of company's strong commitment to these principles.

The company is based in Zug, Switzerland, and has an engineering office. While being managed from within Switzerland, the company executes its main services in the engineering office where it employs a pool of highly skilled embedded software engineers. This allows to achieve an appealing relation between price and quality of services, making EPSCom an attractive partner in the development of high-tech products for cost-sensitive segments of the market.


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